The Green Ones

tales of society book 3


A long time ago, in an age before living things that walked dominated the earth, there were The Green Ones. In that time, The Green Ones did not take root. They traveled slowly, but stayed no place long, taking more than they needed, leaving the lands less rich than when they found them.

After seeing all the deep places of the seas and oceans, The Green Ones left the waters and came to the dry lands. There they found more riches than they could have ever imagined. They feasted on the lands and became grand and beautiful and terrible.  

This lasted for many years, feasting on the plains until they became deserts, feasting on the lakes until they became swamps, feasting on the hills until they became valleys. But one among the race of the Green Ones, with hard, wooden skin and lush green upon its head, was sad. The Hard Skinned One was filled with sorrow at what they had done to the lands and longed for the plains, the lakes, and the hills that once were when they first came to the dry lands.  

One day The Green Ones came to lands they had never seen before. There were mounds of stones piled high enough to reach the heavens. “Mountains”, they called them, for beneath and within them were more riches than any lands they had ever found. But The Hard Skinned One loved the mountains and desired to see them remain high in the heavens. So, The Hard Skinned One stood before its kin, The Green Ones and said, “We will not break the mountains into dust! As we turned the plains into deserts, the lakes into swamps, and the hills into valleys.”  

At this The Green Ones laughed and said, “We will take what we will!”  

The Hard Skinned one would not yield and stood before the mountains, guarding them. The Green Ones again laughed, but many others of the race of The Hard Skinned One joined their fellow and took up the guard of the mountains, all while knowing in their hearts they could not withstand their kind forever. For the race of the Green Ones were many. 


THE GREEN ONES will be released 2026 

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