About Calvin's Novels

After composing music for over two decades, I took an interest in one of the most difficult creative endeavors in 2015, writing stories. To learn the principles of the craft, I read Robert McKee’s “Story” several times, but even then I felt I lacked the tools to begin writing. In 2017, I started writing children’s stories to hone my skills, releasing my first book, “The Colored Water Fountain” in 2021. As my confidence and ability grew, I embarked on writing my first novel, “The White”, which will be released Halloween 2024.

While on a family vacation in Scotland, a deadly virus sweeps across the UK. 
With US boarders closed and no way to return home, 
Alice and Jim must do whatever it takes to protect their son Cayden;
regardless of who they become in the process…

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Chad, Ben, and Dia decide to digitally skim from the bank accounts
of the wealthiest, most powerful people in the world.
While robbing the rich to give to the poor,
they uncover code that links to nearly 99% of the human population
for an unknown purpose.

coming soon

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