tales of the cosmos book 1


Space was what Levy knew — the emptiness and the loneliness. An Endless
millennia of solitude stretched before him as infinite and as black as the universe
through which he traveled. It had been some time since gravity had touched him.
The suns he passed held nothing for him. However, the desire to be in an orbit again
and feel gravity was always with him; not just for an age, but for eternity.

He was so young the first time gravity pulled him into an orbit. He believed
that it was his destiny, to circular this sun, his sun until her light was extinguished.
Even in his innermost thought this was true. But after an age there was great heat
from her that burned him, forcing him to change his orbit, less she consume him.
One day her heat became so great that to save himself he had to break his orbit. She
withdrew her gravity and Levy traveled through space alone for a long age.


GRAVITY will be released 2028

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