tales of the mother & the son book 3


Wait, before you go 

can you crack my window 

and look under here? 

You know I don’t like 

when the door is closed. 

Sometimes I feel there’s something 

lurking in here. 

You know it’s not late. 

So why can’t you stay? 

Read me one more story 

or can I go back with you? 

But you just smile at me 

and say I’m older now, 

but I feel the same 

and I’m still afraid. 

So, I lay 

down and I pray 

and look this way 

because I want to beg you stay 

So, come on. 

Can’t you see 

that if you leave 

I will never fall… 


ASLEEP will be released 2027

©2021 All Rights Reserved

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